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Zheng Zhou Aluminium co.,Ltd was established based on the former Zheng Zhou Zhongyuan Aluminium plant through two whole system changes in 2001 and 2003.It was invested and established by social legal person ,senior management level and other moddle-end small shareholders.After that ,perfect legal person administration organs like advocate meeting,board of directors and board of supervisors have been set up .
  This company mainly includes production operation department ,resources business department,management supervision department,reforn and development commission,Multi-variety Company and property company ,namely,“three departments one commission and two companies”. At present, this company has 800 employees,of which ,specialized technical personnel totals 206,accounting for 26% of the total,management personnel 76,not less than 10% of the total. Total assets of this company reaches RMB504.9 Milion,total libilities RMB 230 million ,asset-liability ratio totals 45%,bank credit grade is AA.
  This company has won many honors such as “Henan Aluminium processing Base ”,”Henan structure Adjustment Importment Initiation Enterprise” and “Henan High –new Technology Industrialization Importment Enterprise”.It has made profits in successive 19 years,over many years,six expenses including tax interest ,salary,unified planning,electricity expenses and row materials were not delayed,so it is appraised to be “Six-WithoutDelay” enterprise.
At present , the main products of this company include cold,heat,casting type aluminium plate,aluminium strip ,aluminum foil,aluminium alloy shape bar ect,annual comprehensive production capacity totals 1200000 Tons,commodities output totals 600000 Tons,of which,0.2~0.007mm fine thin aluminum foil 300000Tons,products of high added value accounting for 50% of the total.
  hrough three steps implementation of 20145,1850 and specialized aluminiun foil item, uo to 2010 finished products of annual products are expected to reach 200000 tons ,of which specialized foil materials 100000 tons,sales income reaches RMB 5 billion yuan .

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      • zhengzhou aluminum co., ltd
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      • aluminum foik, aluminum sheet,
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      • NO 10, qinglin road, zhengzhou ,he'nan
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      • mr ren
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